Seal of guarantee for Healthy aging. The tranquility you need to achieve years with Health.

1 Hoffmann World

The Hoffmann World group is formed by companies created, inspired and concerned on planning and managing the wellness and health of the pre-senior and senior world.

Our lines of action are:

  • Prevention
  • Early detection
  • Newly diagnosed Pathology
  • Advanced pathology

2 What is Hoffmann Friendly?

National and international endorsement based on the Hoffmann Method values that recognizes those Organizations, Institutions, Restaurants and / or Leisure and Tourism Agencies that offer products, services and / or favorable environments, dedicated and focused on the care and well-being of Seniors in all the stages of their lives.

3 Why Hoffmann Friendly?

Our experience of more than 15 years in the field of aging and care for the elderly, positions us as national and international references. Experts in the field of prevention and rehabilitation through non-pharmacological therapies, our areas of intervention cover both the Wellness world and the specialized clinical area treating pathologies such as Parkinson's, stroke, depression, cognitive deterioration and dementias.

  • Deep knowledge on the Senior sector.
  • Vast experience in the creation of products, services and brands with positive attributes for the Seniors.
  • Knowledge of new technologies and innovations applied to the Senior field.
  • Understanding and experience with the needs of Seniors in different countries.

4 Healthy Aging

The present and future, both in Spain and globally, are marked by what is already known throughout Europe as the "Silver Economy".

We have to prepare ourselves to respond to the needs and demands of our Seniors. We need to be able to offer preventive tools to avoid a social decay due to the rapid global aging.

This population, despites their age still independent and active, requires not only the basic care and attention, but also demands and deserves to be able to enjoy specialized leisure and free time. This is also an important fact due to the increased on life expectancy.

Long before suffering from pathologies that cause dependence, we must address all their needs so they can keep enjoying quality life as independent as possible.

5 Objectives

Design a "Hoffmann Friendly Customer Experience" that provides differential value through specialized programs in Active and Healthy Aging.

  • Cultural Education, in order to create a society aware and concern on active and healthy aging.
  • Promote a profound respect for the elderly regardless of their age or pathology, providing them a higher quality of life and a healthy insertion in society.
  • Promote a global education towards the well-being and care of the Seniors, by training not only the socio-health specialists but also the population in general.
  • Promote their independence by offering specialized Leisure and Tourism activities, created exclusively for them, taking into account their needs.
  • Identify good practices in all levels: Healthy Aging, Nutritional, Psychological, Social and Physical.

6 Advantages

Highlight the good practices in:

  • Communication: Companies, products and services can broadcast and show their strategical differentials against the competition.
  • Marketing and new customer acquisition: Being pioneers in the care and concern for Seniors and their Active and Healthy Aging. This allows your company to specialize in a new sector, opening a new growing market niche.
  • Improvement of the brand image: Thanks to the increase in social responsibility.
  • Internal
    Identify internal opportunities, based on the current product portfolio.
  • External
    Locate opportunities in the market that complement the offer of the company.
  • Absence of risk
    Avoid the launch of new products that do not adapt to the needs of the target audience.

7 The Senior of the 21st Century

We are facing a substantial demographic change based on the rapid aging of our societies.  This brings unknown challenges and the need to have solutions for them.

The Senior of the 21st century cares about their health, their well-being and understands the importance on preventing the appearance of pathologies associated with age.

The new Senior presents interest in new technologies and wants to learn and manage them. As well as understand the needs to be up to date in order to grow personally and even professionally.

The social Senior of the 21st century is the most sophisticated one known to date. It presents very specific spending patterns and buying habits, seeking high quality services that guarantee excellence.

There is a growing interest in prevention, beauty, healthy nutrition, e-health and physical and emotional health. Our Seniors have a greater demand of social network, cultural support and active life.

8 Hoffmann Friendly with you

  1. Analysis of the company, product or service.
  2. Creation of a Hoffmann Friendly Program.
  3. Training of the employees who develop the products and/or perform the services.
  4. Hoffmann Friendly Seal and Certification provide.
  5. Presence on the Hoffmann Friendly list of services or places, both nationally and internationally
  6. Active marketing within our Hoffmann Friendly network

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